Shoring frame system

Shoring frames are used to support the imposed loads. Cross braces are used to connect the frames together, forming a rigid tower to provide maximum stability and strength in virtually any shoring application.

Using coupling pins, the frames can be stacked together to meet virtually any height requirements. Adjustable screw jacks are available to provide leveling, fine height adjustments and provide stripping clearance. These jacks can be used at top, bottom or at both locations on the shoring frame


Concrete framework

  • At the base of the frames there are heavy timber pieces called sole plates.
  • The main purpose of the sole plates is to spread the load of the frame to the ground.
  • They are placed on the building pad, which is a stable pad of compacted earth and then road gravel that forms a base for the building work.
  • On the next floor up, the frames will be sat on the concrete floor, but the sole plates will still be used.
  • Apart from spreading the load on the frame legs, the plates also have a function of stopping the frames moving around under vibration.
  • This is particularly important with say a row of single steel props. The sole plate not only spreads the load and provides a firm base for the prop, but a couple of nails through the prop into the timber sole plate keeps the prop steady under vibration.